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    2017In the national ecological environment… Key points of the environmental monitoring work recently,Recently issued by the environmental protection department《2017In the national ecological environmental monitoring work to…
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    About promoting green“A… The ministry of environmental protection Hand it in Department of national development and reform commission Services The international department file ring[2017]58Number of promoting green…
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    The environment ministry:Issued by the local government… Ministry recently issued《Units to monitor technology guide  General provisions》(Hereinafter referred to as《General provisions…
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Huanggang to environmental protection engineering co., LTD Huanggang to environmental protection engineering co., LTD       Huanggang shipped to environmental protection engineering co., LTD is located in the beautiful scenery of the education of the township-Huanggang, hubei province,The company is located in huanggang, hubei province huangzhou four road along the west lake avenue48Number,The registered capital1000Wan,Has the fixed asset2000More than ten thousand yuan。The company was founded in2016Years,Based on environmental protection engineering design、Construction general contracting and environmental protection engineering as the main body of science and technology enterprises;Now the main business scope of business:Environmental impact assessment report、The environmental monitoring、Environmental protection completion inspection and acceptance monitoring、Radiation…

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