Xinyang great packaging
Xinyang are packed in cartons
Xinyang cardboard-box factory
Xinyang great packaging
Xinyang grand cardboard-box factory
Xinyang cardboard-box factory
Xinyang great packaging
Xinyang cardboard-box factory packing samples
Xinyang great packaging
Great packaging

     Xinyang grand packing co., LTD(The original ten three mile bridge cardboard-box factory)。Located in the beautiful scenery of ten three mile bridge。Committed to the packaging carton industry nearly 20 years,Have rich experience in the boxes。Are all kinds of high,In the,Low-grade cartons,The color box,And gift boxes……


The purpose of the enterprise
Strives for the survival by the quality By the good faith strives for the development
The spirit of enterprise
Sincere person Carefully set High-quality goods
Declaration of the enterprise
Work together Create a better future

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